July 11th 2015 MEETING MINUTES – Approved




OPENING REMARKS                                                                      

  • Roll call and agenda adjustments
    • Present were: Sandy Buckly, Stephen Creamer, John & Pat Entrekin, Bill Flake, Pat Sweeney, & Jack Scelsi
    • Scelsi requested to add the issue of unauthorized docking to the agenda.
  • April 11th 2015 minutes approved
  • 2015 Revenue Update
    • Occupancy data was analyzed and discussed. Canal Income is experiancing a slight downward trend.  Scelsi said that there was about $2k of potential canal revenue that was moved to the Marina due to boat size or availability issues which accounts for some of the revenue variance.  marketing and email blasts are being sent out by the rental department. All other possible factors discussed were beyond the committees control.


  • Procedure for making additions and alterations to the dock.
    • Research regarding the type and color of bumper that management may allow to be attached to the dock was conducted by John and Pat Entrekin since the last meeting and posted online for all to see and discuss. Boat owners would still have to request to make an addition or alteration to the dock through the usual archetectural control channels. Sweeney volunteered to send the results of the research to Jack to be forwarded to archetectural control.
  • Sandpiper Cove Fish Cleaning Issues
    • Scelsi reported that he has spoken with Destin Water Users regarding the possibility of tying in a macerator type fish carcass disposal system to the waste water lines on the property. He reported that there is no problem with using the waste water system for this, However, the cost for this type of system seems high. After discussion it was agreed to improve sinage regarding the discarding of fish carcasses first, and continue to look for ways to improve disposal.
    • Sweeney advised that he had already done some research in the area of Florida regulations concerning the disposal of fish cleaning waste and would put together a sign that could be posted in the fish cleaning area.
  • Safety Ladders North side of dock.
    • The committee discussed the need to install safety ladders on the north side docks. After discussion it was the consensus that the water is not deep enough to present an unusual hazard. Most if not all areas adjacent to the dock are 4’ deep with the center being 6’ deep. Most boats have ladders that enable swimmers to climb up on them for self rescue should someone fall in.


  • Water quality
    • Bill Flake brought the most recent water quality sample data to the meeting. He reported that the canal water is very close in composition to the water in the harbor. General consensus is that the water is looking better and that the bubblers are having a positive effect.
    • There has been a problem with the last two bubblers installed west of the bridge. After installation it is believed that they were damaged by boat traffic. Scelsi advised that they will be reinstalled in a way to aviod this problem in the future.
  • Committee leadership and direction.
    • Sweeney reported that after his resignation in late May he has had no volunteers to take over the position of committee chairman. It was asked at the meeting if anyone wanted to take over that position. With no volunteers, Scelsi suggested that the committee be decommisioned. He suggested that he would keep a contact list of people that are interested in participating in canal projects and create an ad-hoc committee when needed to work on specific canal related projects.
    • All present were in favor of decommisioning the canal committee and using an ad-hoc approach to work on specific canal related issues.
  • Unauthorized Docking
    • Scelsi requested that the committee consider drafting an amendment to our Canal Rules document. Recently he has had a problem with a boat docking at the canal without a reservation. He would like to charge boat owners that do this for the service that they receive. He would like to charge for this at a much higher rate than those that follow proper procedures. After discussion Sweeney volunteered to draft a rule ammendment and send it to the committee for a vote.



  • No guests were present.




  • 10:12 AM CDT

Unauthorized Docking Rule – Passed – Forward to BOD

In the last meeting Jack requested that we write a rule that allows him to charge a fee for the dock time used when someone docks their boat at the canal without a reservation or other permission.  Below is the draft of this proposed rule.  It will be placed in the text of paragrph 5.3. in section 5.0 PENALTIES AND ENFORCEMENT.

The language has been reviewed by Jack and Dick.  Please review it as soon as you can and vote either YES to include it in the rules, or NO that it not be included in our governing rules document.


Unauthorized Docking. Anytime a boat is left unattended at the canal docks without an approved reservation, or other permission from SPC Management, as a courtesy, providing the owner or operator can be identified, there will be an Unauthorized Docking Fee of $100 per day assessed. This courtesy will be limited in availability and does not prohibit other penalties and enforcement from being imposed.

Additions / alterations to the docks / Bumpers


Hi All,

We need to give management our collective opinion on additions and alterations to the docks. Specifically at this time attaching bumpers to the dock.

The boat in slip #2 attached these white bumpers to the new north side dock. We discussed at the April meeting and the consensus was that putting the bumper on the piling was more effective in protecting the boat than trying to hang a bumper off of the boat between it an the piling. If we are going to allow users to attach things to the dock we need to set a standard to protect the appearance of the dock. The Entrekin’s have done some internet research and found that the ones used in the picture seem to be a good and attractive solution. The only down side is that they make our white slip markers less distinctive. However if I understand this right if we use bumpers of a different color they may mark the boat. At this point Sandpiper is not paying for these just trying to keep the dock looking neat.


So … post please a comment and let us all know.

  • If you are in favor/not allowing user to attach bumpers to the docks
  • Are you in favor/not of using this type of bumper.
  • Do you know of something better.
  • Ideas on keeping slip markings distinctive.
  • Anything else…

Screenshot 2015-05-31 10.59.47

Screenshot 2015-05-31 10.39.29

Dock Edge UltraGuard Dock Bumper

Manufactured from high-quality marine grade vinyl resulting in superior strength and cushioning, the Dock Edge™ UltraGuard offers the ultimate dock protection from boat impacts. Designed with molded in ribs on the interior to ensure the UltraGuard will not collapse, while the back portion has slight radius to allow the UltraGuard to be easily mounted on pilings as well. Dimensions: 34.5” x 5” x 2.25”. Imported.

Comments from Dick Miller regarding what the BOD needs from us.

I think we need to set the standard for people (size, color, mounting location, hardware spec, number needed) and let boat owners decide if they want to install them at their expense.  Personally, I favor 3-6 inches wide, 3 feet long, black or blue, SS hardware, with one on each of the verticle boards SPC has already put on the 3 interior slip pilings.  I don’t think SPC should spend the money on them and I think ones get installed should be removed if the boat owner discontinues his use of the canal slip (but allowed to move them if he changes slip numbers).

A recommendation from the committee should be proposed to Jack as soon as you have agreed on the details.  It should be in a written standard that can be added to the Canal Operations Policy (no need for Board vote unless put into Rules document.  As we noticed yesterday, we now have two differing sets of these installed already – Slip 2 and Slip 10 – so prompt committee action seems necessary.  The policy change should also differentiate north dock vs. south dock to be clear.

April 11th 2015 Meeting Agenda




OPENING REMARKS                                                                      

  • Roll call and agenda adjustments
  • January 10th 2015 minutes approval
  • 2015 Revenue Update


  • Progress updates
    • Northside Dock Replacement
    • Northeast Canal area improvements
    • Canal Water Quality


  • Sandpiper Cove Fish Cleaning Issues





Meeting Agenda January 10th 2015




OPENING REMARKS                                                                      

  • Roll call and agenda adjustments
  • 2015 Membership participation
  • 2015 Membership contact information
  • 2014 Revenue Report


  • Progress updates
    • Northside Dock Replacement
    • Northeast Canal area improvements
    • Canal Water Quality
    • Annual Pass Email Group & Update


  • Fish Cleaning Issues
  • Long Term Canal Area Improvement Plan Rev. K
    • Anticipated 2015 progress and needed committee support.






Rev. K #6

I don’t think an impervious surface would be allowed by the environmental people between the concrete parking area and the canal because of runoff. The sand area functions as a swale. Perhaps planking?

Pat E.

Long Term Canal Plan Revision

Hi all

Below are two versions of our Canal long term plan.  Rev J is the current document.  Rev K is an updated revision that takes into consideration items that are completed or near completion.  Dick asked that we review and discuss the revision so that we will have a clear vision and a current document ready for the January BOD meeting.  Spc has been received some BP settlement money recently and will be needing to decide how best to use that money.

Have a look at the documents and comment if you like it the way it is or if you would like to see some changes.

MEETING MINUTES – July 12, 2014






  • Present from committee were: John & Pat Entrekin, Bill Flake, Pat Sweeney, Lisa Van Zelst
  • Present from Management & BOT were: Jack Scelsi and Dick Miller.


  • Sweeney introduced the idea of capturing and creating an email list of canal users for the propose communicating with those that use the canal frequently. Discussion progressed toward two target groups for canal information. The first group being Annual permit holders and long term permit holders to present canal plans, procedural changes, and promote interest in canal issues. The second group, being short term permit holders, would be more of a marketing effort to increase slip as well as condo rentals during special boating events.
  • A consensus was that this is a worthwhile endeavor. Sweeney offered to start work on the topic and to created a post on the committee website so that the committee could begin to work out the details.



  • YTD revenue report was discussed. It showed that income from long term permits has been down this year. Overall income for the canal appears to be at a normal pace for this time of year.


  • Posting the Rule and Policy documents on the SPC website.
    • Miller said he would provide copies of the documents approved by the BOT on 10/19/2013 for use by all parties and web locations. He noted the two documents (of the four) posted by the web developer were not the latest versions of Rules and Policies.
  • Permit application changes
    • Website screening of vessels that do not meet requirements.
      • Website changes are still pending review and implementation by SPC management that would help differentiate vessel attributes when slip applications are submitted.
    • Limiting applicant’s choice of slips.
      • Sweeney related information from a conversation Sean. Changes in the online reservation system have been received well by customers. Actively managing slip assignments is more work only during our busiest times during peak season. However the payoff is less urgent problems at check in time. Sean said that he has only had to turn away two potential customers this year because the canal was at capacity. He has also been able to have boaters change slips during their stay to maximize canal usage.


  • North side walkway construction update.
    • Scelsi reported that there has been much progress in the development of the North side walkway project, there are still landscape and other items to address. Efforts in that area will start back in 4 – 6 weeks after peak season winds down.
  • Updates to Boaters Resource Page Review
    • Sweeney reported that most all updates to the Boaters Resource Website have been made and thanked everyone for their help with the updates. Discussion followed regarding the development of an events section. An events section has been started on the Waterfront Destinations page. Sweeney said he plans to develop it with suggestions from the committee in a way that does not involve a lot of research and website maintenance, such as, an annual events section rather than getting into weekly or monthly events.
    • Boater Resource Page has gotten 500 visits per month during the 1st half of this year. Over 90% of the visits came from the link on SandpiperCove.com. The most popular pages are:


      1. Main Page… Landing Page
      2. Trailers etc.
      3. Fishing
      4. Rules & Policies
      5. Waterfront Destinations


  • Discuss the pro’s and cons of adding our Long-term plan to the committee website.
    • This was placed on the Agenda in error. The document was already on the website and was updated to the current version before the meeting.
  • Discuss the changes in the canal water quality. Is it becoming more brackish? Are fish and crab populations declining? It there anything we can do about it?
    • This was an extensive discussion. The committee was in agreement that the water quality in the canal has been declining. Issues raised were the decline in populations of saltwater sea life along with the emergence of freshwater species such as turtles. Water clarity decreasing possibly in part due to increased algae growth. The Harbor in general has water quality problems. Our canal because of its location is the most problematic portion of the harbor where water quality is concerned.  Several underlying problems were identified. Fresh water runoff affecting salinity, increased rainfall in recent years, various pollutants entering the canal with rain water run off. Lack of circulation in the canal to flush out fresh water and pollutants, as well as poor circulation causing water oxygenation problems.
    • Many of these problems need to be address by the City of Destin and Jack Scelsi said that he would discuss this topic with the City Manager. John and Pat Entrekin advised that they have done some research and found that bubblers have been used in canals to address some of these problems. It was presented that several bubblers placed in the canal would increase the oxygenation at all levels in the water column. It would also address salinity to the extent that fresh water and salt water would resist their tendency to stratify. The overall salinity would still remain low. However the increase in oxygenation and better mixing of the limited available salinity should have some positive effects in the canal. It is hoped that this would create a better environment for sea life and improve the clarity of the water by decreasing algae growth.
    • This was a complicated issue. The committee decided to research the problem further using the committee website to share information. The goal is to formulate a proposal for specific actions that can be presented to the BOT. Also identify where the City of Destin can assist with this problem.
  • Review Long-term plan
    • Discussed the long-term plan briefly. No immediate adjustments but it was suggested that canal water quality move up in priority.

GUEST COMMENTS No guests attended the meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 11:30 CDT